Michael B. Jordan Reveals If He’s Ever Met Michael Jordan


A lot of people might think that Michael B. Jordan is named after the legendary basketball player, which is understandable given that the actor was born in 1987, when the Chicago Bulls star was in his third season with the team and already regarded as one of the league’s most popular and exciting players.

However, he’s actually named after his father Michael A. Jordan, meaning there’s a distinct possibility that he could end up calling any son of his own Michael C. Jordan. Naturally, the youngster was forced to incorporate his middle name of Bakari for his membership in the Screen Actors Guild because when he was beginning his career, in the eyes of most people, there was only one Michael Jordan.

That being said, he’s comfortably at least the second most famous person on the planet with that particular moniker, continuing his rapid ascent up the Hollywood ladder that began in earnest with a breakthrough role in 2012 found footage superhero movie Chronicle, and he’s now a genuine player in the industry and People Magazine’s current Sexiest Man Alive.

In a new interview to promote his polarizing Amazon Prime Video exclusive Without Remorse, Jordan was asked if he’s ever met his namesake, and it turns out they’ve only had one fleeting interaction, with the actor explaining:

“Nope. I think at the time I met him it was at an All-Star event, and it was just in passing. I shook his hand and it was, like, literally less than 10 seconds in passing. I don’t even think he knew who I was at the time. I don’t know, I think we’ve gotta figure that out. I think the powers that be… I don’t know, we’ve gotta collab on something.”

Without Remorse

Unfortunately, the 34 year-old might not get the chance to team up with the other Michael Jordan anytime soon looking at his jam-packed schedule. As well as making his directorial debut on Creed III, he’s also got Denzel Washington’s next effort from behind the camera – which is ironically titled A Journal for Jordan – in the works, as well as his producing duties on a second season of Netflix’s Raising Dion and the DCEU’s Static Shock. And that’s without even mentioning a possible MCU return.