Here’s How Michael B. Jordan Could Look As The DCEU’s New Superman


Just as Superman & Lois is premiering on TV and Henry Cavill is about to return in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we received news last week that Warner Bros. is working on another Superman movie. J.J. Abrams is producing a reboot with Marvel Comics writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, and it’s widely believed that the studio is looking to break the mold and cast a black actor as the Man of Steel this time around. And, the top choice for the role is reportedly Michael B. Jordan.

As no plot details about what Abrams and Coates have got planned are known as yet, there are various ways this project could go. Jordan, or whoever gets the gig, might simply play a reimagined Clark Kent. Or else they might be portraying a Superman from another universe, maybe Val-Zod from Earth-2 or Earth-23’s Calvin Ellis.

Some incredible fan art from digital artist SPDRMNKYXIII imagines Jordan suiting up as the former, and with his civilian guise in the background, the artwork depicts the actor taking to the skies in the foreground. The artist has gone for a unique design of the suit, too, mashing up Val-Zod’s comic book outfit with the costume worn by Cavill in the DCEU, as you can see below:

“I’m always up for new Superman content,” the artist wrote in his caption on Instagram. “Hopefully this will be connected to @henrycavill Superman. There is so much that can be explored with Val along with Kara and Kal El.”

He’s not wrong about that. In the comics, Val-Zod is the third Kryptonian child sent away from the dying Krypton, alongside the El cousins. On Earth, he’s taken in by Terry Sloan AKA Mr. Terrific and eventually has to step up and become the Man of Steel himself to combat a brainwashed Kal-El. There’s definitely the potential there for a fresh take on the Superman mythos, then, but with connections to the familiar story, too.

Let us know if you want Michael B. Jordan to replace Henry Cavill, though, as the Last Son of Krypton in the comments section down below.