Michael Keaton Reportedly Signed On For 3 More DC Movies

Batman Returns

Just a few days ago, we heard reports that Michael Keaton was going to be a permanent presence in the DCEU after The Flash, and now it seems that this will involve a commitment for at least three additional movies with Warner Bros. According to Giant Freakin Robot, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the 69-year-old actor, although the exact details of what films he’ll appear in are as unknown.

Given that it took Keaton quite a long time to confirm he’d be in The Flash, it now appears that he’s ready to continue playing Bruce Wayne for the near future. Recent set photos from the Andy Muschietti picture gave us an exciting first look of him in action, while we’ve also had some glimpses of the Batsuit. The enthusiasm for keeping Keaton on has also been hinted at by talk that he’ll become the canonical version of Batman for the cinematic timeline.

While the three-movie deal is more likely than the ten we were getting floated last year, it’ll be fascinating to see how Keaton’s Batman gets used. The most logical option, perhaps, is to finally bring Batman Beyond to the screen, with an ageing Dark Knight acting as a mentor to a new character, an idea that has surfaced multiple times over the years.

Another possibility is Batgirl, despite there not being much detail on how this’d work at the moment. In addition, it makes sense for the older Wayne to show up a direct sequel to The Flash, especially if the story adapts the “Flashpoint” saga from the comics, meaning that Keaton will reprise his part for a follow-up with Ezra Miller. Either way, then, signs are increasingly looking positive that the Burtonverse Batman is here to stay as a core element of the next stage of the DCEU.