Michael Keaton Sheds Some Light On The Vulture’s Villainous Nature In Spider-Man: Homecoming


While we may have been treated to a spectacular first trailer at the end of 2016, there’s still an awful lot we don’t know about Spider-Man: Homecoming. The Vulture may be the reboot’s big bad, but what he has in store for the wall-crawler isn’t clear, and new comments from Michael Keaton have left us even more intrigued (confused?).

Asked about appearing in a “truly villainous” role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the actor was quick to point out that things may not be as simple as they seem:

“Not to give too much away, but interestingly, he is and he isn’t, that character. He’s a really interesting — and more interesting than I thought — villain because there’s parts of him that you go, ‘You know what? I might see his point.’ Really, really. It makes it interesting to play.”

Marvel has been criticized for the way they’ve handled their villains in the past, so the prospect of The Vulture being a tad more complex than the likes of Whiplash and Malekith is no bad thing.

Though Keaton took flight in Birdman, he’s obviously best known for playing a superhero in Tim Burton’s Batman. However, returning to the world of comic books clearly didn’t phase the actor, and it doesn’t sound as if he spent too much time stressing about making the leap from the DC Universe to the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

“It’s just a thing. A gig. I don’t mean it’s just a gig, it’s the next job. And you think you can do it or want to do it and in fact I said no, because I couldn’t, it didn’t work in my schedule. Then I’m glad to say, they kind of shifted the scheduling and it worked out. So it fit in and I’m glad I did it.”

With the movie set to be released this July, we’ll no doubt see much more from Spider-Man: Homecoming over the coming months. With any luck, that will include some fresh new intel on The Vulture. For now, though, feel free to let us know your thoughts on Keaton’s comments in the usual place.

Source: Variety