Michael Mann Will Direct Chris Hemsworth In Untitled Cyber Thriller


Steady work hasn’t been hard to come by for Hollywood’s favourite new leading man, Chris Hemsworth. Despite wielding his hammar as the God of Thunder in all things Marvel, the actor is still finding time to take on a whole slew of other projects. Just as he was getting ready to gear up for Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse, the film sufferd a delay, leaving Hemsworth with an open slot. That open slot has been filled today though as the actor has signed on to work with director Michael Mann on an upcoming, untitled, cyber thriller.

Details are slim on this one right now and all we really know is that it will be “set in the world of cyber threats and attacks.” Penning the script is Mass Effect scribe Morgan Davis Foehl and the project has found its home at Legendary, which is a good sign seeing as the production company has put out films like The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, The Town and is also behind the upcoming Pacific Rim and Man of Steel. It’s safe to say that they have a pretty strong track record, so I’m expecting big things from this upcoming Mann/Hemsworth collaboration.

Production will likely start this Summer, so expect to hear more on this one soon. For now though, we’re intrigued. Hemsworth is turning himself into a bonafide leading man, proving he can do more than just dress up in a silly costume and play an angry God. He’s got some real talent and I’m very happy to see him branch out a bit and really try his hand at some different films.

As for Mann, well, this is a big step for him. It will be his first film in four years, after the dreadful Public Enemies, and considering he’s been attached to or developing so many projects over the last four years tells us that if he’s committing to direct this one, it must be pretty good. He’s certainly had a ton of options to choose from for his next film.

All things considered, this one seems like a winner, let’s hope we’re not wrong about that.

What do you think though? Looking forward to seeing Michael Mann team up with Chris Hemsworth?

Source: Variety

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