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Michael Myers Recreates Classic Moment In New Halloween Kills Photo

One year later than originally intended, Michael Myers is finally returning to make life a living nightmare.


One year later than originally intended, Michael Myers is finally returning to make life a living nightmare for Laurie Strode once again in this October’s Halloween Kills, the much-anticipated sequel to 2018’s franchise reboot from Blumhouse. That first film in the trilogy was full of homages to the iconic horror series’ past, and we’ve seen enough to know that Kills will be much the same way.

For instance, this new image for director David Gordon Green’s film sees The Shape recreating a classic moment from the 1978 original. The photo, as shared by Fandango, captures Myers holding on to the top of a car. This echoes the scene where Michael escaped from the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium the first time around, when he attacked Marion Chambers from the roof of her car. See the latest sneak peek at the movie in the gallery below:

It’s worth pointing out that Nancy Stephens is one of several stars of Halloween ’78 who’s returning for Kills, so it’s feasible that Michael could be recreating this scene to the letter and be attacking Dr. Loomis’ former assistant yet again. Stephens’ character died at Myers’ hand once before, in 1998’s H20, though that’s no longer canon, of course. But will she make it out of this one alive?

Other familiar faces include Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace and Charles Cyphers as ex-Sheriff Brackett, meanwhile, Anthony Michael Hall is taking over from Brian Andrews and Paul Rudd in the role of Tommy Doyle. The reason why this follow-up has a bigger cast of characters is because it’s going to see the whole town of Haddonfield dealing with the threat of the escaped Myers, which leads to an equally dangerous mob mentality forming.

With Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak in the lead as the three Strode women, Halloween Kills is now just over a month away from premiering in theaters on October 15th.

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