Watch Michael Myers Scare Children In Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Prank


With the new Halloween movie currently in the midst of a historical run at the box office, it seems safe to say that a lot of filmgoers have a pretty good idea of who Michael Myers is, but sadly many children have yet to let the masked killer into their lives.

Fortunately, with this new skit from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we see that a few kids have now had the pleasure of meeting Michael in person thanks to a “Free Halloween Photo” attraction. As Kimmel himself explains:

“Michael Myers, who’s very well known to adults but maybe not as much to kids, so we asked some parents who were walking by our theater if they wanted their kids to take a Halloween picture, the same way you’d take a picture with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but we told them this picture would be with Michael Myers and believe it or not, lots of parents sent their children right in!”

Watch, enjoy, and then feel bad about yourself for enjoying it:

What’s interesting about these clips is that every kid seems to have their own reaction, from the boy who nervously stammers throughout his encounter to the girl who gives Michael a warm hug. It’s true that we all process horror differently.

Of course, Michael has managed to scare a whole load more people this past week with his new movie, and with work reportedly already beginning on the sequel, it looks like this screen killer could become as familiar to kids today as he is to previous generations.

At the moment, not a lot’s known about the follow-up, but it’s previously been said that an unknown writer’s at work on the script and that director David Gordon Green and his co-writer Danny McBride will not be returning for the project. While it’s practically a given that Michael will be back, the jury’s still out on actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently said that she’d do another Halloween if Green directed.

There’ll be plenty of time to work out the details, but for now, Michael seems poised to continue his record-breaking box office run as his favorite holiday approaches.

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