Michael Myers Is Unmasked In New Halloween Trailer


Michael Myers’ pale, corpse-like and incredibly creepy mask is so iconic that you could be forgiven for forgetting there’s a face beneath it. Traditionally, the slasher’s face is kept under wraps most of the time, though you get to see it in the finale of the original Halloween and now, in the briefest of peeks in this latest trailer for David Gordon Green’s hotly anticipated sequel/reboot.

The moment comes at 00:34 in the preview and shows his eye and the upper part of his head. Given that 40 years have elapsed since the events of the original movie, he’s obviously looking older, but otherwise in pretty good shape. Interesting, his left eye appears to have a scar across it, too, which neatly fits with Laurie Strode’s attack on him in the finale of the original movie.

But who exactly’s playing the unmasked Michael? Well, Nick Castle brought Myers to life in the original and is reprising the role in a couple of scenes in the new sequel (as well as providing breathing noises for the project). However, the original face of Michael was Tony Moran and though we haven’t heard of any involvement of his in this year’s Halloween, the eye does look a little like him. However, it also looks quite a bit like James Jude Courtney, who’s playing the vast majority of Michael’s scenes in the movie. Either way, I suspect we’ll find out soon enough.

With audiences and critics raving about how the pic’s a huge return to form for the once-moribund horror franchise, it seems like this will be the must-see film this, uh, Halloween. As a huge fan of the John Carpenter original, I can’t wait. Everything I’ve seen and read about the project makes me insanely excited (especially since Carpenter himself says it’s as good as the first one) and this awesome trailer is just another cherry on top of a particularly delectable cake.