Michael Reunites With His Mask In New Halloween Clip


At the rate that these Halloween clips are being released, you might feel like you’ve seen half the movie already when the highly anticipated slasher sequel comes out later this week. This new video even offers a glimpse of the murderous Michael Myers sans mask, though it stops short of giving us a proper look at his full face.

In the minute-long teaser, the killer is visited in prison by a documentary crew led by Jefferson Hall in the role of Aaron Korey. Though Aaron is keen to know more about the man who terrorized Haddonfield forty years ago, Michael remains characteristically silent. The true-crime podcaster then attempts to get a response out of his subject by holding up his famous mask, which is now showing the passage of time in its folds and wrinkles. Though this reveal has an ominous effect on the people and animals around them, the scene ends before we can find out if and how Michael reacts.

You may recall that this same crew was seen in a previously released video, which shows the team attempt to convince Laurie Strode to meet with her old assailant once more. Offering as flipside to this exchange is another clip shared at the same time, depicting a tense exchange between Laurie and her granddaughter Allyson, as the latter calls the former out for creating a rift in her family due to her constant anxiety about Michael coming back. Needless to say, the killer doesn’t stay incarcerated much longer, with yet another released excerpt showing a brief reunion between Laurie and the boogeyman which concludes with Jamie Lee Curtis’ character trying and failing to shoot Michael.

After all this footage, here’s hoping Halloween still has plenty of scares to spare when it hits theaters on October 19th.

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