Laurie Catches Sight Of Michael In New Halloween Clip


Laurie Strode has been waiting forty years for the return of Michael Myers, but we’re now just a few days away from the new Halloween finally reaching theaters. And if you’d like an early taste of the highly anticipated reunion, this new clip shows us a brief moment where Jamie Lee Curtis catches sight of her old assailant.

The footage opens with the star of the 1978 Halloween emerging from her car, and it seems that she’s packing heat. After telling some passing pedestrians to get inside, she scans the neighborhood for signs of Michael. At first glance, the masked murderer appears to be doing little to hide from view as he stares out through the window of one of the houses. But when Laurie fires a shot at the figure, it’s revealed that it was only the image of Michael in a mirror.

This quick moment of confrontation is the latest of several scenes that have been shared in the lead-up to the film’s release. Previous footage from a few weeks ago showed a tense exchange between Laurie and her granddaughter Karen, as the latter calls the former out for creating a rift in her family due to her constant anxiety about Michael coming back.

Meanwhile, a clip released at the same time featured Laurie being invited by a documentary crew to once more meet with Michael, who’s been spending these last few decades in prison. Apparently, he doesn’t stay incarcerated for long, since a more recent video showed the killer assaulting some poor woman in a cubicle.

All these promotional clips might make you wonder what’s left of David Gordon Green’s film to see, but if the early reviews are anything to go by, then Halloween should hopefully have plenty of scares to spare when it comes out on October 19th.

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