New Midsommar Trailer Promises Fun In The Sun With Plenty Of Scares


Halloween might be a ways off, but the next few months are shaping up to be a real treat for horror movie junkies. Tomorrow, Orion Pictures’ Child’s Play reboot hits the big screen and not too long after that, It: Chapter Two will reignite everyone’s fear of creepy clowns.

Of course, these movies seem to be relying on dark, less well-lit worlds – something which is quite common for the genre. If you’d rather have some fun in the sun though, there’s always Midsommar, the latest from director Ari Aster. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you remember his debut feature film, 2018’s Hereditary, which shocked audiences thanks to a massive plot twist, clever marketing campaign, and talented cast.

Last month, A24 gave us a glimpse of Midsommar with its first trailer, revealing that most of the film seems to take place in the daytime, which is an unusual choice for a horror flick. Now, they’ve released a brand new preview, providing a little more context to what’s actually going on during the summer solstice festivities.

As you can see for yourself above, the new trailer shows plenty of bizarre and downright creepy cult-like activities, ranging from a human barbecue to some sort of game referred to as “skin the fool” – we’re not sure what that last one is, but needless to say, it seems you don’t want to end up playing the part of the so-called “fool.”

So far, early reactions and reviews to Midsommar are generally positive (it currently has an 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), and a few of us here at We Got This covered can’t wait to see it for ourselves. Luckily, it hits the big screen on July 3rd, which is just around the corner. Fingers crossed that we won’t be afraid of daytime after we leave the theater.