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Mike Flanagan would love to make a ‘Star Wars’ movie about the Sith

'Midnight Mass' creator Mike Flanagan says he'd love to make a 'Star Wars' movie that focused on the Sith.


Based on his recent and upcoming schedule, Mike Flanagan probably doesn’t have the time to do anything other than churn out acclaimed, atmospheric, and horror-infused Netflix shows for the foreseeable future, but it’s surely only a matter of time before someone in Hollywood offers him a major property.

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The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep is the only feature he’s helmed in the last five years, but he’s kept himself plenty busy in the meantime, with The Haunting of Hill House, spiritual sequel Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass all winning rave reviews and drawing huge viewership numbers.

He’s got The Midnight Club, The Fall of the House of Usher, and Something is Killing the Children on the way, too, but after responding to a tweet from a Star Wars fan, he’s planted the seed for what sounds like an awesome idea.

This isn’t the first time the writer, director, and producer has revealed his desire to take his singular talents to a galaxy far, far away, and anyone that’s familiar with his work will be fully aware it would guarantee a Star Wars project like no other.

Obviously, one major drawback is that he’s gained a reputation as one of his generation’s foremost horror auteurs that works almost exclusively within the parameters of R-rated chills, something that hardly slots comfortably into the Disney-owned IP’s PG-13 sandbox.

He could definitely make it work, though, and the mere notion of Flanagan tackling the Sith in a Star Wars story is a mouthwatering prospect on every level.