Miles Morales Spider-Man live action film rumored to be eyed by Sony

With Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse actor Shameik Moore recently giving a tease on Twitter asking whether fans would rather see him portray a live-action Miles Morales or a live-action Static Shock, some may wonder whether there’s any truth to the idea that we may soon see the world’s first live-action portrayal of the Brooklyn-born Peter Parker protégé on the big screen.

We’re now getting the news of a rumor that such an adaptation may indeed be in Sony’s wheelhouse for forthcoming projects, according to TheDirect.

This tidbit comes to us from a Patreon post from industry insider Daniel Richtman, who claimed Sony is exploring the prospect of a live-action solo movie starring Miles, existing in his own separate universe, similar to Venom.

“Sony is interested in doing a Miles live-action solo. And there are discussing if to make it in a different universe ala Venom,” Richtman’s post stated.

There are no doubt super-fan conspiracy theorists out there who might take Moore’s tweet — as well as this latest tidbit of gossip — as a tacit implication that perhaps a live-action Miles will be appearing in the forthcoming Tom Holland-helmed film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. While that sounds like a stretch, anything seems possible now that the multiverse is a thing.

Speaking of the multiverse, Moore is hard-confirmed to be reprising his role as Miles in the forthcoming animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, the sequel to the Academy Award-winning 2018 film which brought the character to the big screen for the first time.