Millie Bobby Brown Reportedly Eyed For ThunderCats Role

Millie Bobby Brown

Adam Wingard’s ThunderCats was only officially announced less than a week ago, and it’s not going to be happening for a while yet given that the filmmaker is already hard at work on his Face/Off sequel, but it hasn’t taken long for the rumors to start circulating in regards to the first feature-length adaptation of the beloved cartoon.

Admittedly, the majority of the behind the scenes speculation has come from insider Daniel Richtman, who reported that ThunderCats would be influenced by the 2011 reboot despite Wingard literally saying his plan was to bring the 1980s cartoon to life, while the tipster also linked Vin Diesel with an unspecified role which we assumed would be Panthro given that they’re both big bald dudes.

Richtman is now claiming that Millie Bobby Brown is also under consideration for a part in ThunderCats, and while he again offers no additional details, we’ll put our speculating hats on and take a guess that it would be WilyKit, one half of the property’s teenage twins alongside brother WilyKat.


The actress can currently be seen in Godzilla vs. Kong, with Stranger Things season 4 set to arrive later this year, while she’s also got literary adaptation The Thing About Jellyfish, con artist thriller The Girls I’ve Been, fantasy epic Damsel and multiple Enola Holmes sequels on the docket at Netflix, with the Russo brothers confirming that their collaboration on Universal’s sci-fi thriller The Electric State is penciled in to start shooting next year, so Brown’s schedule is pretty booked up for a long time.

That’s without even mentioning the projects Richtman has already linked her to recently including efforts in the action, superhero and prestige drama genres, an Adam Sandler comedy, a future Godzilla blockbuster and the DCEU’s Batgirl. As such, even if Wingard is indeed eyeing her for a role, you’re best not holding your breath expecting her to board ThunderCats until it gets much further along the development process.