Millie Bobby Brown Reportedly In Talks To Play Batgirl

Enola Holmes
Screengrab via YouTube

Despite being a fixture of DC Comics since first making her debut in 1961, Batgirl hasn’t had much luck when it comes to live-action so far, although Yvonne Craig did manage to stick around for 26 episodes of Adam West’s camp classic Batman show. Alicia Silverstone played Barbara Gordon in Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin, but that remains the character’s only appearance in a feature film unless you want to include the child actor briefly glimpsed as Gary Oldman’s daughter in The Dark Knight.

Of course, Savannah Welch will play Barbara in the upcoming third season of Titans, while the Commissioner’s daughter also showed up in the short-lived 2002 Birds of Prey series and the final season of Gotham. Warner Bros. and DC Films have been trying to get a Batgirl solo movie off the ground for years, too, with Joss Whedon hired to write and direct in early 2017. The last we heard, Birds of Prey and The Flash scribe Christina Hodson was rewriting the script from scratch and the search was on for a female director, but that’s about all we know for sure.

As for casting, well, it was inevitable that after Millie Bobby Brown hinted she’d held talks with both Marvel and DC she’d find herself being linked to a slew of in-development superhero projects, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that she’s held talks for the role of Batgirl, following on from his report a couple of days back saying the DCEU was chasing the Stranger Things star.

The only point of contention is her busy schedule, with the Russo brothers recently confirming that sci-fi The Electric State shoots next year, while The Thing About Jellyfish has moved to Netflix to join The Girls I’ve Been, Damsel and possible Enola Holmes sequels on Brown’s to-do list for the streamer. Then again, just because she’s had talks that doesn’t mean she’s a lock for the part, and you can imagine that WB has met with a whole slew of promising young actresses for the role, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.