WB Reportedly Wants Millie Bobby Brown In The DCEU

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown‘s increasingly fruitful partnership with Netflix has grown even stronger following the news that the streaming service had acquired literary adaptation The Thing About Jellyfish from Universal, which the actress has been attached to since early 2019.

That makes it the latest in a long line of projects that the 17 year-old has in the works at the world’s most popular platform, ensuring that she’ll be a fixture of the small screen for some time to come. As well as season 4 of Stranger Things, Brown also has con artist thriller The Girls I’ve Been in development, while she signed on to headline fantasy epic Damsel last year and could end up starring in five Enola Holmes sequels after the first outing became one of Netflix’s most-watched original movies ever.

Outside of her comfort zone on the streaming service, Brown will next be seen in the MonsterVerse’s Godzilla vs. Kong, and is set to play the lead role in sci-fi action thriller The Electric State, which has the Russo brothers attached to direct. Furthermore, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that she’s wanted for a role in the DCEU, but the tipster doesn’t expound on his statement by offering any additional details or information.

Richtman appears to know an awful lot about Millie Bobby Brown‘s goings on, though, given that he’s already reported that Netflix want to lock her down for ten years, she demanded to become the highest-paid child actor on the planet, and she’s got ten projects in the works for the streaming service including an action franchise, an unnamed superhero effort, a miscellaneous episodic drama and an Adam Sandler comedy, none of which have been confirmed as of yet. As such, you’d be best waiting for an official acknowledgement from either the actress or Warner Bros. before getting too hyped about seeing her in the DCEU.