Moonlight Star André Holland Reportedly In The Running To Play Black Widow Villain


Earlier today, That Hashtag Show offered a list of names that are allegedly being considered for a major female role in the upcoming Black Widow solo movie, with the frontrunner of the group said to be Emma Watson. Now, coming on the heels of that report, the site claims to have heard word that one André Holland is in the running to play the lead villain.

With shooting expected to begin in June, the film is reportedly undergoing rewrites from scribe Ned Benson that have allowed casting director Sarah Finn to expand the board of candidates for the role of main antagonist. Among those auditioning for the part is said to be Holland, who you may know from such acclaimed pictures as Moonlight and Selma, as well as the horror anthology series Castle Rock. Though Holland is apparently just one of the actors gunning for the role, it’s said that his audition has caught the attention of the Marvel Studios team, who are believed to be looking for a “powerful, confident actor who can pull off smart and sexy.”

On top of that, THS reports that the film will feature an older male and older female in supporting parts, both American, who may be working with the main villain. Among the names considered for the roles are said to be Rachel Weisz for the woman, and Sebastian Koch and Alec Baldwin for the man.

As it stands, no casting details for the Black Widow movie have been confirmed, and if recent remarks from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige are anything to go by, then we probably won’t hear any official announcements on the movie at least until after Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th. Nonetheless, it sounds like are things are really coming together for Natasha Romanoff’s solo debut, and we may be able to see the results in cinemas as soon as May, 2020.