‘Morbius’ director won’t confirm or deny the movie was taken out of his hands

morbius director daniel espinosa wont confirm or deny
Image via Sony

The overwhelmingly negative response to Morbius has seen director Daniel Espinosa thrown into director jail, but the helmsman still hasn’t confirmed if the final product adheres to his vision.

Espinosa has made interesting comments about his superhero blockbuster in the last few weeks, with many hints he isn’t happy with the movie. The director was probed by Uproxx on his level of autonomy over the film, and when the interviewer commented that it didn’t seem like an movie by Espinosa, he gave a cryptic answer.

“You’re very sweet. You’re very kind. I think that I work at my best if I get a lot of decision power. But, in this movies, they’re big movies that have a lot of people’s interest. It’s different processes every time.”

Espinosa’s agency over the production seems to be getting clearer by the day, with him even confirming he doesn’t really know why some things were cut from the final product. It’s all a far cry from the glowing press tour comments about his excitement for the film and joy at working with the cast.

Morbius was tracking poorly months before it released in cinemas, with fans bewildered by Sony’s choice to give the mostly unknown villain a solo film. The casting of Jared Leto raised eyebrows, but couldn’t persuade viewers to good reviews. Leto has put a brave face on, saying at the Grammys he is “really proud” of the film.

Morbius is currently sitting at 16 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes, but will take some joy out of being the number one film in cinemas last week.