Morbius’ Simon Stroud Could Have Ties To The MCU’s Black Widow

tyrese morbius

Fans were less than thrilled when it was confirmed that a new trailer for Morbius would be arriving before the hotly-anticipated second look at Spider-Man: No Way Home, but many of them have changed their tune slightly now that they’ve seen the footage for themselves.

Nobody’s going into the movie expecting greatness, and there are no guarantees that Jared Leto’s debut as the Living Vampire will be a success at the box office given the general apathy that surrounds it in some quarters, not to mention a late-January release date that’s never been a bastion of blockbuster business.

However, we’ve already heard that Marvel Studios could end up incorporating Morbius in the same way the franchise is clearly planning with Venom, which might be enough to silence the naysayers. There’s also the possibility that Tyrese’s FBI agent Simon Stroud could be making the jump alongside Leto’s title hero, based on his comic book history and the fact the actor was adamant when asked that he was part of the MCU, as well as the three-picture deal he signed.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Stroud is an old acquaintance of Natasha Romanoff’s from their government espionage days, while he’s also worked with Spider-Man before. The latter two were key components of the MCU’s Avengers, and Tom Holland’s Spidey is Sony property, so there’s no reason why a little more connective tissue couldn’t be established further down the line to integrate Morbius into the multi-studio mythos.