Mortal Kombat Beats Godzilla Vs. Kong In HBO Max Opening Weekend Views

Mortal Kombat

As you surely heard, Mortal Kombat topped the domestic box office this past weekend thanks to a very strong $22 million debut. Simon McQuoid’s martial arts actioner has already earned more than $50 million globally as well, which means that it’s going to start turning a profit over the next few days.

Reviews haven’t been great, but fans of the franchise have clearly been packing theaters to see it on the biggest screen possible, while a lot of folks are calling it the single greatest console-to-screen translation ever. But how’s it been doing on HBO Max?

Well, the numbers are now beginning to roll in, with Samba TV reporting that Mortal Kombat has scored a flawless victory after having been streamed by 3.8M US households during its first weekend. As Heroic Hollywood notes, that beats Godzilla vs. Kong‘s five-day debut on the streamer, which pulled in 3.6M.

Of course, given that these numbers don’t come direct from Warner Bros., the final figures might be a bit different, but either way, it’s clear that Mortal Kombat has been a huge hit and the mediocre reviews haven’t hurt it in the slightest. It’s all that anyone can seem to talk about right now, too, and is totally dominating the online conversation.

Will all this lead to a sequel, though? Well, insiders report that one is definitely happening, but it’ll probably be a while yet before Warner Bros. makes things official. In any case, everyone involved with Mortal Kombat can rest easy knowing they pulled off one of the more successful video game adaptations that we’ve seen and hopefully they can make lightning strike twice with the next installment.