Mortal Kombat Fans Are Loving Sub-Zero In The New Movie

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat finally makes its long-awaited return to cinema screens today (in the US, at least) and it looks like fans have already collectively picked a standout performance.

Joe Taslim, who plays Lin Kuei leader Sub-Zero/Bi-Han in the film, has been the talk of social media over the last 24 hours, with particular praise being heaped on his exhilarating bouts with Hiroyuki Sanada’s Hanzo Hisashi/Scorpion. The pair, often considered mascots of NetherRealm’s source material, have been shown trading punches on numerous occasions in the trailers, an adversarial relationship that forms a key component of the adaptation’s narrative.

Reactions to viewings of the martial arts flick have been pouring in since the movie released in theaters and on HBO Max and you can check out a sample for yourself down below.

The almost universally positive reaction to Taslim’s latest role doesn’t bleed over to the film as a whole, however. Director Simon McQuoid’s first proper full-length project (his career has largely been confined to commercials) has garnered negative reception for feeling rushed and not giving certain participants in the titular tournament enough screen time.

Likewise, barring Sub-Zero and Scorpion’s climactic battle, spectacle-laden fights between other members of the cast have been criticized for their short nature in the roughly 2-hour affair. Will this hurt Mortal Kombat‘s chances of getting a sequel? Probably not, but it’s feedback that the crew will assuredly be taking on board for the future, should Warner Bros. give a planned second installment the green light.

Have you already seen the forces of Earthrealm and Outworld go head to head in the ring, though? If so, let us know what you made of hugely anticipated reboot in the usual place below!