Motorcycle Drama Isle Of Man Taps Bleed For This Helmer Ben Younger


Bleed for This may not go down as a boxing drama for the ages, but with early TIFF reviews lauding a well-rounded performance from Miles Teller and some inventive cinematography, Ben Younger’s cinematic account of The Pazmanian Devil ought to play well with audiences when it bows on November 4.

Beyond that, though, it appears Younger has already teed up his next project, one which he will write, direct and produce. It’s called Isle of Man, as revealed by The Wrap, and involves an “American motorcycle racer as he comes out of retirement to participate in the event held in the Irish sea.”

Famed for the International Isle of Man TT event, the relatively remote island has a long history as a beacon for the motorcycle industry. It’s a frighteningly dangerous event, too, with records confirming that 262 racers have lost their lives on the island since it first played host to the blistering TT race. Couple this with the fact that Younger is a former pro himself and the director’s latest creative venture has all the makings of an intense, visceral thrill ride that is also steeped in drama. Variety notes that the project coalesced at TIFF 2016 after the writer-director was in town to promote Bleed For This. Casting details remain up in the air for now.

Soon after thrilling audiences from within the boxing ring, Ben Younger’s attention will be drawn to the serpentine race tracks littering the Isle of Man. Production is expected to get underway in the early stages of 2017, by which time we’ll surely have more details to share with you.

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