7 Movies You May Have Hated: Are They Worth Rewatching?

The Lone Ranger

Pauline Kael famously stated that she would never watch a movie twice for critical purposes, because she “got it” the first time. Either this is why she was a master of film criticism while the rest of us are just schmucks, or her staunchness of opinion was a weakness, its influence on contemporary criticism apparent in the continued presentation of movie reviews as objective, eternal reports rather than evaluations of subjective art appreciation. Probably some combination of both.

It is nevertheless my estimation that watching a movie for a second time can yield drastically different responses, and this is not an unpopular view. Criticwire recently posted of a survey of critics’ experiences of the same movie viewed many years apart, and the replies are fascinating. This does not only apply to movies you love, though. I’ve had a number of embarrassing experiences of hating a movie the first time I watched it, only for it to become one of my all-time favorites upon a subsequent viewing. It’s a weird experience, but a valuable one, as it’s good to have a reminder that our initial assessment of a movie or any similar experience can be unreliable or at the very least subject to significant variance if and when we revisit it. It says something about all the factors that go into how we judge movies, but what I take from it is that any evaluation should be made with humility and an appreciation of our own fallibility.

One recent movie that went through a bit of a critical revival was The Lone Ranger, which I found moderately amusing and enjoyable, while others found it either unbearable or terrific fun. I can’t bring myself to fall on either side, but both have their points. I’ll need more time before giving watching that one another try.

A few relatively recent movies stood out to me as worthy of at least considering watching a second time around. So I did. Here are those 7 movies, and a perspective on whether the time spent revisiting them was worthwhile or not.

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  1. Chris Wolfesays:

    Green Lantern was a colossal waste of fiances and perfectly good camera operators. The film completely neglect to create any audience empathy for the main character – not since seeing Jumper have I EVER seen a protagonist less likable. The story was utterly forgettable, the effects were exceptionally subpar for the amount of money poured into it, and it was blindingly obvious the entire point of the movie was not, as it should be, to tell a story – but to try and edge in on the multi-movie superhero deal that to date only Marvel have been able to pull off.

    1. Razorsfurysays:

      So the story of green lantern was forgettable? Considering it’s really close to the comic means you are talking out of your ass. Also, I didn’t know marvel made the superman and batman movies… Dumb ass.

      1. plazmaorbsays:

        Granted.. GL had elements of the comic, but it wasnt translated well at all.
        The costume was horrible for one. GL should be all powerful, he was a total wimp in that movie. Blake Livelys acting was so horrible, its one of the reasons to forget it. I would have been more interested in a Sinestro movie over a GL. At least he was powerful and a lot more interesting than GL in that travesty of a movie.

      2. Romeo Garciasays:

        The problem was Reynolds because he make it funny Hal Jordan and we all know that Jordan is a very serious and calm caracter.Mark Strong the actor who make SINESTRO was the only good thing in the movie.

  2. RxPhantomsays:

    I really can’t go with you on TASM. Everything the Raimi trilogies got right, TASM got wrong and vice versa. The full potential of Spider-Man on film probably won’t be realized until Marvel regains the rights, which I’m sure will never happen.

    1. Joseph Bacallaosays:

      Never heard that vice versa argument. I lean more towards TASM. Gotta rewatch both part ones now with that argument in mind. I try not to be partial.

  3. xXGrizZsays:

    Ironically, I had to stop reading at “I will continue to defend this Marc Webb-directed version of the Spider-Man origin story as a modern masterpiece”

    modern masterpiece?…

    Verdict: Will take ALL future Darren Ruecker articles with a grain of salt….

  4. Ronsays:

    Wow. I disagree with everything you wrote. None of these movies deserve anything but what they got when first released. As for Spiderman, WE just had a trilogy a few years ago. I prayed no one would see the new Spiderman movie to send a message to hollywood! STOP rebooting and remaking every five minutes. But alas morons flocked to see the thing. And when I say morons I mean single overweight men who will never see a real woman naked!

  5. LargoDeluxesays:

    This list would have had more guts if it had included Speed Racer – perhaps the most unfairly maligned blockbuster-as-art-film in recent history.

  6. DJRickyVsays:

    I agree with your list, sir.

  7. Goundysays:

    I would prefer to watch John Carter 5 fives than watching green lantern one more time ! (Watched each movie 2 times … so I am impartial !)

    1. Mohit Kumarsays:

      John Carter is indeed a very nice movie. I myself tend to watch it repeatedly.

  8. Mohit Kumarsays:

    TASM and TASM2 both were pretty forgettable. The movies aren’t that bad it’s just that they were not better than Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy.

    The Good Parts in TASM:
    – Gwen & Peter’s romance
    – The Spidey Suit
    – Web Shooters
    – Spider-man’s stunts

    The Bad Parts in TASM:
    – Cool Dude Peter Parker (Peter was never a cool dude)
    – Peter’s arrogance and carelessness towards his Aunt & Uncle
    – Peter didn’t repent too much on his Uncle’s death (Tobey was great in this regard) and this single fact is what makes Peter Parker Spider-man
    – Too many villains in the TASM2
    – Off-timed Spidey jokes (Spider-man is great at humor but it should be subtle)
    – No J. Jonah Jameson
    – Forgettable portrayal of villains

  9. Romeo Garciasays:

    look…i say before and i say it again the problem with GREEN LANTERN was Reynolds He was the wrong choice for the part because the caracter. if the caracter was Kyle rynner or Wally west (flash) he was perferct to the part but everyone knows that Hal Jordan like Barry Allen are very serious caracter not funny like Rynner or West.

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