Netflix Added 2 New Original Movies Today, And 5 TV Shows

Dangerous Lies

Netflix have been enjoying a strong run in recent months, consolidating their streaming dominance with a host of original and licensed titles. Just this week, they’ve added a ton of new movies to help those self-isolating, while recently released original films like the Chris Hemsworth-starring Extraction have been pulling in big audiences for the platform.

Now, we have the latest list of content added to Netflix for April 30th in advance of its May lineup, with notable additions including original films Dangerous Lies and Rich in Love, as well as five new television series.

The list of titles, which will be followed on May 1st with a larger revamp to the Netflix library, are as follows:

2 New Movies Added Today

Dangerous Lies (2020) Netflix Original
Rich in Love (2020) Netflix Original

5 New TV Series Added Today

DRIFTING DRAGONS (Season 1) Netflix Original
El señor de los Cielos (Season 7)
Good Witch (Season 5)
The Forest of Love: Deep Cut (Limited Series) Netflix Original
The Victims’ Game (Season 1) Netflix Original

Dangerous Lies

The two new Netflix original movies might lack the clout of Extraction, but still look promising. Dangerous Lies is a thriller directed by Michael Scott, and stars Sasha Alexander as a character working in a care home who comes into wealth after a patient dies, setting up what will presumably be some problems with others after the money. Also featuring turns from Elliott Gould and Jessie T. Usher, Dangerous Lies looks to be undemanding fun.

Rich in Love, by comparison, is a romantic comedy set in Brazil, wherein a wealthy young man wanting to prove himself ends up convincing a woman that he was raised poor. We’d expect plenty of misunderstandings and (presumably) a happy ending, then, from this title, which will also showcase the glorious landscapes of Brazil for anyone trying to avoid the routine of lockdown.

On the series side, Good Witch is an American and Canadian Hallmark show that’s built up a following for its magical-themed stories set in the fictional town of Middleton, and stars Catherine Bell. The series is based off a successful collection of television movies, and originally aired on the Hallmark Channel.

Meanwhile, for anime fans, Netflix original DRIFTING DRAGONS follows an airship crew that are hunting down dragons and, well, that should probably be all you need to know. The company are putting out the entire first season of the series today.

In terms of the other shows, El señor de los Cielo is the latest season in a long-running soap opera, while The Forest of Love: Deep Cut is a limited series from Japan focusing on a conman and a film crew looking into the lives of some emotionally damaged women, and The Victims’ Game is a Taiwanese crime drama featuring a forensic detective with Asperger’s.

Although perhaps not the most exciting day of new content on Netflix, we only have to wait until May for a bumper collection of titles, which will keep everyone busy as we continue with the lockdown.