‘Mulan’ fans show who they are inside by celebrating the animated classic’s anniversary


Mulan is one of Disney’s most loved animations, and is still very much lauded today for its progressive storyline, beautiful animation, and incredible songs.

The beloved favorite recently celebrated its 24th anniversary, making a lot of fans (this writer included) feel just a little old. But they also felt gratitude towards a film that showcased female strength and empowerment, identity struggles, and knowing one’s own worth. Mulan has left a big impact in the world of animation, and fans took to social media to celebrate.

Mulan has taught many about living a life that was true to themselves, and a life filled with honor. In the story that honor comes in many forms, honoring her family and her country, but importantly, honoring herself. So many fans relate to the character and are inspired by her journey, which has given them the courage to be true to who they are inside.

For this user, Mulan allowed her to see herself represented onscreen, and started a lifelong love affair with lead voice actress Ming-Na Wen, whom she was lucky enough to meet.

Mulan is iconic to many, including this user who added one of the best quotes of the film.

For so many Mulan has been a lifeline, allowing them to turn to it when they need the courage to be true to themselves.

Much like this fan, watching Mulan can make many of us feel like we have had a decent hug.

One fan would give this film a big old 11 out of 10.

Not only was it brave and beautiful, but thanks to Eddie Murphy, it was hilarious too.

It also gave us some of the best Disney songs of all time, including the banger that is “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”, we’ve all belted this out at some point or another.

Next year will see the film’s 25th birthday, so here’s hoping Disney will do something special to celebrate! Mulan is available to stream over on Disney Plus.