The New Mutants Has Reportedly Been Delayed Indefinitely

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It’s officially been an entire year since The New Mutants was supposed to come out in theaters. Pushed back three times from its original April 2018 release date, Disney teased fans at CinemaCon earlier this month with a promise that the X-Men spinoff would hit theaters by the end of this summer. But now, if new rumors are to be believed, fans will have to wait even longer to see it.

According to a new report from the site iHorror, the Disney-Fox merger has had a larger effect on the latter’s slate of upcoming films than previously thought. This includes The New Mutants, which, according to one source, will have its release moved “far away from August.”

Originally filmed over the summer of 2017, the “full-fledged horror” comic book movie was supposed to debut on April 13th, 2018. This was pushed back to February 22nd of the following year, and eventually, August 2nd, 2019, to make time for reshoots aimed at introducing brand new characters and story elements to make the final product “scarier.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone just last month, star Maisie Williams revealed that reshoots have still not taken place, and told fans not to hold their breath for the film’s release:

“Who knows when the f**k that’s gonna come out. Hopefully this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit!”

Rumors persist that Disney could dump The New Mutants on its upcoming streaming service, or maybe even Hulu, by the end of the year, though that remains to be confirmed. Still, considering that Dark Phoenix, the other X-Men flick slated for release this year, is set to bring the near-twenty-year-old film franchise to a satisfying finale, one has to wonder if Disney sees any point in shining a spotlight on a brand new spinoff team if Marvel is looking to reboot the series in the near future anyway.

Directed by Josh Boone and starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Maisie Williams, and Antonio Banderas as a mysterious new villain, The New Mutants will find five young mutants trapped in a secret facility as they discover their troubling new abilities. At the moment, it’s still officially slated for an August 2nd release, but we’ll let you know if iHorror’s scoop turns out to be right.

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