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The New Mutants Rumored For Disney Plus Release

According to one YouTuber, the constantly-delayed X-Men spinoff, The New Mutants, may see a release on Disney+ instead of theaters.

The New Mutants

The New Mutants hasn’t been dealt the best of luck. The standalone X-Men horror flick has suffered from tumultuous production for about five years, resulting in a seemingly never-ending collection of release dates that just never come to fruition.

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Originally slated for April 2018, the film was pushed back to February 2019 and then August 2019 for reshoots that director Josh Boone now claims never even happened. With a fourth release date for April 3rd, 2020, everything was finally on track for the movie to hit theaters before the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic swept in and caused every major cinema chain to close their doors to the public, effectively destroying 2020’s box office plans.

After the outbreak turned into a global catastrophe, Disney dropped The New Mutants from its 2020 release schedule altogether, leaving many to wonder if the film would even see the light of day this year. This led to an outpouring of fans begging the Mouse House to consider releasing it on their new streaming service Disney+.

Now, if one YouTuber is to be believed, it looks like the studio may be considering granting that wish. Content creator Lords of the Long Box has claimed that the House of Mouse does indeed intend to release The New Mutants on Disney+ at some point over the summer. But unfortunately, they’re not able to share a firm date.

Despite having a horror tone, The New Mutants is rated PG-13 and part of a popular comic book universe, potentially making it quite a good fit for Disney’s family-friendly streaming platform, which is already home to a bevy of Marvel properties. And with the coronavirus showing no signs of slowing down and theaters likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future, it’s looking increasingly likely that they could choose such a streaming option for many of their other delayed films, too.