Natalie Portman Aiming For Code Name Sasha And The Last Witness

Natalie Portman is making up for the time spent having her first born son by diving headlong into a swimming pool/empty crater/large filing cabinet presumably filled with film scripts.

Just last week it was announced she was considering the titular role in the upcoming Jackie, which intends to chronicle Jackie Kennedy’s experience after her husband’s assassination. Today it has been revealed that she is mulling over two other films, Code Name Sasha and The Last Witness.

Code Name Sasha, touted as the lovechild of Training Day and La Femme Nikita (!), would see her cast as a young mother who has dallied with crime since a teen and now sees a way out through an FBI deal to expunge her past escapades. Oh yes, only if she goes undercover and brings down the world’s biggest gun-running organization.

This could definitely bring in the punters with the pathos for a single mother trying to make her life right and gritty action possibly with a wig once she heads undercover. Portman back in the saddle a la Matilda? Come on! The project is gearing up with producer Alexandra Milchan (Righteous Kill) over at Paramount.

Also tempting Portman is a project over at Fox, The Last Witness, where she would play a psychologist working with the sole survivor of a bombing of a café in Boston who suffers from amnesia. I reckon the butler did it.

Before these new projects launch, Portman has a barrage of movies on her platter so stand back. She’s completed Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups and is currently working on his next untitled project. Furthermore, Marvel sequel Thor: The Dark World sees her returning as Jane Foster and she’s producing and starring in the Lynne Ramsay western, Jane’s Got A Gun.

Is the latter a retaliation spin-off after the events of Thor: The Dark World due to Foster’s frustration at her name not being included in the title again? It’s highly unlikely.

What are your thoughts on the unstoppable post-baby prowess of Natalie Portman? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Indiewire

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