Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror’s Pleasant Little Surprises So Far This Year


If you’ve been following Remy and I on our ongoing horror quest, you’ll know that we love paying respect to those lesser known films that deserve your attention. The “Video On Demand” platform opens doors for limited release movies that theaters just can’t, making independent films accessible to households worldwide instead of just gracing the thirty lucky theaters scattered across the country. No longer do we have to wait for these hidden gems to surface years after their initial release, as we can instead watch these movies from the comfort of our own homes, right away. Technology is amazing, ain’t it?

While Remy and I have already told you which under-the-rader horror films you absolutely shouldn’t have missed this year so far, now it’s time to uncover which films pleasantly surprised us (or met our high expectations), providing a watching experience that, again, shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t say we never gave you everything!

Read on to take a look at our newest recommendations for you…