Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Six Lesser Known Horror Films You Shouldn’t Have Missed In 2013 (So Far)


With so many movies out there, it can really be a chore to watch every single worthwhile piece of cinema. Think about all the genres that exist. Seriously, think about them. Then you have to look at sub-genres, which provide enough material on their own for months on end – and how the hell are we supposed to pick out every little gem that doesn’t get a wide release?!

Well, if you’re a horror fan, you’re in luck, because Remy and I are crazy enough to hunt down literally every horror movie we can find. Sorry comedy, romance, drama, and other genre lovers, but horror is our game, and we’re here to dominate.

As for this year so far, there have been the typical highs and lows, but surprisingly we’re seeing more highs right about now. Even with shitstorms like Texas Chainsaw 3D and The Last Exorcism Part II gracing 2013 with their presence, films like Evil Dead and Maniac have made all the garbage easier to deal with. But those are the big titles everyone knows – what about the little guys? What about the independent horror films that don’t get to see the bright lights of wide distribution like their mainstream brothers do? Don’t worry, Remy and I found some keepers you can find through Video On Demand or you can buy on DVD/Blu-Ray by now, making for a horrifyingly comfortable movie night you don’t need to spend $12.50 on – unless you go big and buy the Blu-Ray that is.

Without wasting more of your time, let’s jump right in and start talking about these six lesser known horror films you probably missed this year (so far). Now you don’t have an excuse though. Get out there and get watching!