Netflix Added 2 New Movies And 1 New TV Show Today

Almost Love

Yesterday was a big day for Netflix. To kick off August, the streaming giant dropped a large batch of new content, made up of classic films, underrated gems and a few titles that are already proving to be pretty popular with subscribers. Indeed, August got off to a nice start and it seems the rest of the month will be just as exciting.

Looking ahead, this week will be bringing over 20 new movies and TV shows to the platform, some of which are definitely worth a watch. But before that, today sees the arrival of 3 new titles on Netflix, comprising 2 films and 1 new TV series. Admittedly, nothing in today’s drop is particularly exciting, but we can’t exactly complain after what we got yesterday.

Up first is romantic comedy Almost Love. Billed as “an ensemble comedy about romance in the smartphone era,” it seems to have earned mediocre reviews upon its release in 2019 and stars Scott Evans, Augustus Prew, Michelle Buteau and Colin Donnell. Judging by its trailer, it looks to be a fairly easy, harmless watch, so you may want to give it a shot.

Almost Love

Elsewhere, there’s season 1 of Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything. This one arrives with a little bit of buzz behind it, too, as it follows Latif Nasser, “a widely respected science journalist,” as he explores “fascinating subjects and the science behind them.”

And finally, there’s 2018’s Pick of the Litter. The documentary follows the raising of “a litter of puppies for the purpose of helping them become guide dogs.” It’s been reviewed fairly positively since its release and as you may’ve seen, Disney Plus also has a show of the same name based on the same subject matter.

So, like we said, nothing that particularly stands out and presumably, most users may decide to pass on all 3 titles that dropped on Netflix today. But again, August 1st has already gotten the month off to a great start with its impressive list of new arrivals and as we head further into the summer, the streaming site will no doubt be making sure we’ve got plenty of solid options when it comes to content to watch for those looking to beat the heat.