Netflix Added 7 New Movies And TV Shows Today


Even with so much fantastic content to watch over the past few months on every major streaming service, there’s still no denying that Netflix reigns supreme when it comes to offering the largest and most diverse collection of films and shows. June has seen a huge influx of new stuff to watch, including classics like E.T. the Extraterrestrial and The Silence of the Lambs and underrated gems like Observe and Report. Now, as the month finally comes to a close, the platform has one last drop today that’s bringing some new movies and series alongside a comedy special.

One of those titles, Extraction, is certain to be extremely confusing to some subscribers. Not to be confused with 2020’s Chris Hemsworth action movie, 2015’s Extraction is another action flick starring Bruce Willis and Kellan Lutz. This extremely poorly-received film, which sits at only 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, tells the story of a retired CIA field operative who is captured by terrorists and has to be rescued by his son. Unless you’ve exhausted the rest of Netflix’s action catalog, you’re better off avoiding this stinker.

If you’re in the mood for stand-up comedy, you can also check out George Lopez’s new special, We’ll Do It For Half. It’s his very first Netflix Original special, which he uses to cover hot topics like politics, race, gender reveal parties and emotional support animals. At a lean 51 minutes, it’s worth a weekend viewing for some laughs.


See below for everything launching on Netflix today and note that while What’s On Netflix lists Bratz: The Movie as arriving on June 30th, it actually hit the platform yesterday, which is why it’s not included here.


  • Adú (2020) 
  • Extraction (2015)
  • Swimming Pool (2003)
  • The Mirror Boy (2011)

TV Shows

  • BNA (Season 1) 
  • Homemade (Season 1) 

Stand-up Specials

  • George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half 

If none of that interests you, you can head through here to take a look back over everything else that’s come out on Netflix throughout June, or you can look ahead into July and see what to keep on your radar.