Netflix Is Adding 13 New Movies/TV Shows This Week


This week is set to be another busy one for Netflix, as the online giant continues to grow its library of content. In total, we’ll be getting thirteen new movies and television shows to keep us occupied, including the second season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and the intriguing-sounding docuseries Spycraft, which explores real-life espionage devices. What, then, do we have to look forward to between January 18th and 24th?

First up, Camp Cretaceous follows on from the well-regarded first instalment of the Jurassic World franchise spinoff, and will explore what happened between the first movie in that series and the more recent Fallen Kingdom. Whatever goes down, we’d expect there to be lots of teens trying to escape dinosaurs, something we’re always there for. By comparison, Spycraft offers a deep dive into the gadgets used by spies, and looks to be appealing to fans of the genre wanting to see how much of it carries over to actual agencies.

Other highlights to keep an eye on include the fourth season of French comedy-drama Call My Agent! and the return of strangely compelling glassblowing reality show Blown Away. In addition, there’s live-action cartoon reimagining Fate: The Winx Saga, some fresh South Korean programs, and the original Netflix film The White Tiger. The latter title is based on a bestselling book and directed by Ramin Bahrani of Chop Shop and Goodbye Solo fame.


While almost all of these upcoming offerings are made by or linked to Netflix directly, the platform also has the underrated Jason Statham-starring picture Homefront, as well as Cooper Karl’s thriller Sightless, which deals with a blinded woman adjusting to an uncertain world.

For everything that’s coming up on Netflix this week, check out the list below:

Released January 18
Homefront (2013)

Released January 19
Hello Ninja: Season 4 *NETFLIX FAMILY

Released January 20
Daughter From Another Mother (Madre solo hay dos) *NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Sightless (2020)

Released January 21
Call My Agent!: Season 4 *NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Released January 22
Blown Away: Season 2 *NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Busted!: Season 3 *NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Season 2 *NETFLIX FAMILY<
So My Grandma’s a Lesbian! (Salir del ropero) *NETFLIX FILM
The White Tiger *NETFLIX FILM

Released January 23
Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) *NETFLIX ORIGINAL

It certainly can’t be said that Netflix is holding back on its exclusive programming, then, with the company still investing heavily in keeping and bringing in new subscribers. If you’re catching up with what’s already on there, though, it’s worth checking out everything that was added in the last seven days. Looking forward, after a decent start to 2021 with the continuing success of Cobra Kai and other productions, it’s likely going to be another strong year for the streamer as they fight to keep their top spot in the market.