Netflix Introduces New Top 10 Feature For Ranking Content

The Witcher

Netflix have introduced various improvements to their streaming platform over the years, from the ‘My List’ to making it easier to find content that’s recently been added to the service. Indeed, as anyone who regularly uses Netflix will know, its algorithms make the browsing experience very different for every user. We’re now getting a way to see which material is the most popular for your country though, thanks to a Netflix Top 10 feature giving the daily ranking of series and movies.

As this ranking will be updated every day, the relevance of whatever’s on it will also change in prominence for individual subscribers, who’ll be able to see shows, films, and overall content. In addition, anything that ends up on the lists will receive a Top 10 badge to make it easier to spot popular programs and films in your region. The initiative is one that’s been trialed in several countries, including the UK, and Mexico, and is now getting a roll-out to more territories.

Netflix’s Cameron Johnson had this to say about the new feature:

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make Netflix better. It’s why we’ve been experimenting with top 10 lists in Mexico and the UK for the last six plus months. Members in both countries have found them useful, so we are now rolling them out to even more.”

While the Top 10 feature will highlight whatever’s currently popular, we’d be surprised if the daily lists don’t feature content that’s already prominent on the platform, including recent hits like The Witcher and Sex Education. Still, it’s a good sign that Netflix are continuing to strength the user interface, especially now that it faces stiffer competition from the likes of Disney Plus and other upcoming streaming services.

We already know that Netflix are committed to a huge original programming budget, including reported multi-year deals for recent shows like Locke & Key, and a much-anticipated Resident Evil series. With more of a battle on their hands for exclusive movies, using the Top 10 feature to remind subscribers of Netflix original content is therefore a pretty straightforward move. Having the feature in more countries could also give a glimpse into the viewing habits of different regions, including the widespread (and still somewhat inexplicable) popularity of Adam Sandler films on the service.