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Netflix just introduced a special gift to Spotify users

Podcast fans and soundtrack fanatics alike are sure to be excited with Netflix's brand new Spotify feature.

A still from Stranger Things
Image via Netflix

Good news for Netflix fans on Spotify: The streaming giant has an exciting surprise for you to check out. Today, Netflix unveiled “The Netflix Hub,” a full-blown collection dedicated to some of Netflix’s hottest shows and films.

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The Netflix Hub offers three specific subsections: Original soundtracks from Netflix series, playlists featuring songs from popular Netflix shows and movies, and a series of official Netflix podcasts for listeners to check out. The latter includes “Netflix Is A Daily Joke,” a short-form comedy podcast with Netflix-hosted comedians, as well as a BTS podcast for Shadow and Bone and a podcast discussing Netflix’s hit British royal drama The Crown.

Netflix fans can also check out a music playlist custom curated by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, a collection of songs from Stranger Things 3, and an official playlist to coincide with hit TV coming-of-age comedy Sex Education. Soundtrack offerings are humble for now, but include Cowboy Bebop, The Harder They Fall, and one of Netflix’s hottest shows of all time, Squid Game.

Take a peek at some of the initial Netflix franchises covered in the gallery below:

The Netflix Hub was announced this afternoon shortly after Grammys nominations were revealed. The news proved exciting for Netflix, with a Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media nominee for The Queen’s Gambit, as well as a nomination for “All Eyes On Me” from Bo Burnham’s Inside Netflix special. Both series are missing from The Netflix Hub for now, however.

The Netflix Hub is available now to stream for Spotify listeners.