Netflix Just Released 3 Big Originals For The Weekend


Netflix users have plenty to check out this weekend as the streaming service has released three huge exclusives to the platform. On August 13 there is something for everyone with Beckett, Brand New Cherry Flavor, and Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild all launching on the same day.

For film fans, you can check out Beckett this weekend. Beckett is a political thriller starring TeneT’s John David Washington. The film takes place after a tragic car accident in Greece where Beckett, who is a tourist in the country winds up within a political conspiracy and in danger for his life.

If you’re after something in more of the horror realm then Brand New Cherry Flavor has you covered. The limited series follows a filmmaker in Hollywood during the early ’90s as she is overcome with hallucinations down a rabbit hole of sex, magic, revenge, and more.

The final addition coming to the streaming service this weekend is in major contrast, aimed at gamers. Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is a 3D movie based in the universe of the hit game series Monster Hunter. Not directly connected to any games, the movie takes place in the world of the series where monsters and humans live together as a young hunter Aiden’s village is destroyed by a dragon.

If none of these is your thing then don’t stress as there is plenty more coming to Netflix throughout August. You can check out everything coming to Netflix and other streaming services this week here.