Netflix Reportedly Developing An Original Werewolf Movie

the wolfman

Vampires are everywhere you look on film and television these days, with a handful of projects focusing on the bloodsucking hordes of the undead always in development at any given time, but werewolves don’t tend to be subjected to the live-action treatment on a basis anywhere near as prolific.

Going back to vampires; Netflix has Night Teeth on the way just a few months after Blood Red Sky premiered, while Universal currently has Karyn Kusama, Chloe Zhao and Chris McKay all working on movies that feature Dracula in some capacity, and Showtime ordered Let the Right One In to series just a couple of days ago.

On the lycanthropic side of the equation, Leigh Whannell and Ryan Gosling are working on a new version of The Wolfman, and comedic video game adaptation Werewolves Within quietly hit theaters and VOD earlier this summer, but those are the only noteworthy projects to have arrived or entered development over the last year or so.

the wolfman

However, we’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us the platform was working on an Enola Holmes sequel long before it was confirmed – that Netflix is looking to cast a wider net when it comes to in-house horror, with an original werewolf project reportedly very near the top of the list.

Unfortunately, further information remains scarce for now, but Netflix have significantly upped their game when it comes to exclusive scary content, so the right creative team could deliver something special dependent on the premise and a commitment to going all-out on blood, guts, teeth and fur.