Netflix Reportedly Planning We Can Be Heroes Trilogy

We Can Be Heroes

Pedro Pascal was the undisputed king of streaming over the festive season, playing major roles in three of the most-watched titles across a trio of platforms. It wasn’t a shock that The Mandalorian pulled in big numbers given that the Star Wars series is one of the biggest shows on television, of course, while Wonder Woman 1984 was a hotly anticipated comic book sequel, but Netflix’s family film We Can Be Heroes was the surprise smash hit of the holidays.

Robert Rodriguez’s latest detour into the world of all-ages entertainment performed incredibly well for weeks, drawing in over 44 million viewers in the process, with a sequel being swiftly announced shortly after after the superhero adventure was released. But it seems that the company’s plans extend further than that, as insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Netflix want another entry to draw an intended We Can Be Heroes trilogy to a close.

The streaming giant is seemingly determined to have their successful in-house originals spawn as many franchises as humanly possible, and We Can Be Heroes is an admittedly obvious candidate. After all, the first installment racked up strong viewership figures, the critical consensus was largely enthusiastic and the concept lends itself perfectly to further outings.

One drawback, though, could be Rodriguez’s schedule, with the filmmaker wrapped up for most of 2021 with Disney Plus’ The Book of Boba Fett, while his working relationship with the Mouse House has increased hopes that a continuation of Alita: Battle Angel as either a movie or TV show could finally end up happening. Having written, produced, directed, scored and acted as the cinematographer on We Can Be Heroes, Netflix will have to wait until he’s got the time to shoot the second movie before they can realistically think about a trilogy, but it’s still exciting to know that a trio of films is what they have planned.