Netflix reveals premiere date and new clip for ‘Jackass 4.5’

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The boys are back at it again. Netflix recently took to Twitter to announce the release date for Jackass 4.5, along with a brand-new clip that was cut from Jackass Forever.

The clip features members of the cast swinging back and forth on a swing set, as other cast members slowly inch by them with nothing but inflatable animal suits for protection. The latter folks, of course, hope to not get hit by the swingers; hopes that are very quickly dashed with painful results.

There’s a running theme among this cast and crew of getting enough footage for multiple films and, eventually, making use of every single second of it. Jackass 4.5 will act as an extended cut of Jackass Forever, which released earlier this year. This isn’t the first time this has happened, as 2006’s Jackass Number 2 was later accompanied by Jackass 2.5, and Jackass 3.5 played a similar role for 2010’s Jackass 3D.

The Jackass series of films are based on the reality comedy television series of the same name, first premiering in October 2000 before spawning its first film in 2002, which would be the first of a long line of films and spinoffs. Created, directed, and produced by Jeff Tremaine and featuring a cast led by series mainstay Johnny Knoxville, the films follow a group of nine men who perform stunts and pranks ranging from stomach-churning to potentially fatal.

Jackass Forever was no different, with many critics praising the return of the comedy franchise while also expressing concern for the well-being of its cast. And with another film’s worth of stunts on the horizon, we can only expect the cast to double down on such a reputation.

Jackass 4.5 released on Netflix on May 20.

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