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Netflix’s futuristic sci-fi ’47 Ronin’ sequel wraps shooting this week

The unexpected futuristic sequel to infamous box office bomb 47 Ronin is set to wrap production this week in Budapest.

Given that the first movie suffered through a tortured production that saw first-time feature director Carl Rinsch effectively kicked out of the editing room, with reshoots ballooning the budget to $225 million, which was then followed by a critical mauling and commercial disaster, 47 Ronin hardly screamed franchise potential.

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If you’d told somebody that a former professional wrestler and one of Lucifer‘s major supporting characters would be teaming up to co-write the screenplay for a sequel set 300 years in the future that would be directed by the guy who voiced Scorpion in Mortal Kombat 11 that would stream exclusively on Netflix, you may have been asked what you were smoking.

47 Ronin

However, Blade of the 47 Ronin is set to wrap shooting this week in Budapest, with the plot focusing on a meeting of the five main samurai clans. Presumably, all will not go well and swords will be drawn, or perhaps even lasers given that we’ve been led to believe there’s a heavy cyberpunk element.

Scripted by A.J. Mendez and Aimee Garcia, Ron Yuan directs Anna Akana, Teresa Ting, Mike Moh, Dustin Nguyen, Chris Pang, Chikako Fukuyama, Marc Dacascos and many more in Blade of the 47 Ronin. Is it going to be any good? Honestly, we have no idea, but the whole thing is so bizarre that it’s certain to draw in more than a few curious subscribers.

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