More Footage, Less Gwyneth In Australian Trailer For Thanks For Sharing


Here’s another trailer for Thanks For Sharing, the upcoming sex addiction comedy-drama from director Stuart Blumberg. It’s from Australia this time, isn’t that exciting? Come on, isn’t it?

The first trailer caused a storm in the media when it was released, due to a liberal sprinkling of Gwyneth Paltrow semi-nudity. To say it got the gutter press in a bit of a lather is something of an understatement, which was no doubt the point – get some valuable early buzz for a sex addiction comedy drama using the body of one of the actresses in the film, making a satirical point in the process. If this a film about the proliferation of sexual images interrupting our everyday lives, how amusing would it be to use that very language to advertise an upcoming film confronting that very issue? Very clever, Thanks For Sharing marketing team. Bravo.

Anyways, we’ve had a poster since then, and this latest trailer, which ups the ante footage-wise while cutting down on the amount of Gwyneth Paltrow buttocks we see by 100%. There’s a much bigger spotlight turned on the supporting characters, including a little elaboration on Tim Robbins’ mentor figure, and the relationship between Josh Gad’s young addict and Alecia “Pink” Moore’s wise-talking and somehow-not-intensely-annoying female addict. Every base covered.

The film got some buzz at TIFF last year, and Blumberg has had from then till now to iron out any issues raised by the critics at that time. No doubt Shame, Steve McQueen’s superb sex addiction drama’s release at the tail end of 2011 sent this film into a little bit of a tailspin, which might explain the long delay in its release, but it certainly looks like an entertaining watch from the trailer, if you’re into that sort of thing. You know, people overcoming obstacles and stuff. If you’re into that.

Thanks For Sharing is released September 20th in the US, October 4th in the UK.