New Behind The Scenes Pics From Halloween Are Here To Lighten The Mood


For all of the blood-curdling (and R-rated!) horror going on in front of the cameras, Halloween‘s set looks to be pretty relaxed – calm, even – as big-name stars like Jamie Lee Curtis mingle with the cast and crew.

Such is the case with today’s all-new BTS pics from James Jude Courtney (h/t Bloody Disgusting), the towering stunt double tasked with bringing Michael Myers to life. That’s right, no longer will Nick Castle be solely responsible for The Shape’s ghost-like movements; Castle will be leveraging Myers’ screentime with James Jude Courtney, who can be seen standing next to the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis via the gallery below.

There’s also an inspired shot of Michael Myers looming behind some form of tattered curtain. It certainly evokes memories of Hitchcock’s seminal Pyscho movie (and none of them good), though it’s unclear if this frame will make it into the final cut. On a more lighter note, below you’ll find three set photos from James Jude Courtney, beginning with that shot of him and Curtis.

Chances are Courtney is the one hunting Laurie Strode throughout most of Halloween, as we understand the 70-year-old Nick Castle has been called upon as a creative advisor and point of reference – not unlike how Star Wars legend Peter Mayhew helped Joonas Suotamo (The Last Jedi) ease into the role of Chewbacca for Lucasfilm’s rebooted series.

Closer to home, Halloween returns to Haddonfield on October 19th, and if you’re in the market for a horror-tinged warm-up act, may we draw your attention to Rob Zombie’s own reboot of the iconic series, which is due to receive a Blu-ray steelbook at the beginning of October.