New Billboards For The Batman Loom Over Hollywood

DC’s upcoming The Batman is the latest interpretation of the character from director Matt Reeves. It stars Robert Pattinson as the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne who moonlights as a masked vigilante protecting his beloved home city, Gotham.

We’re now getting some brand new billboards that have hit the Warner Bros. Studio walls in Hollywood, as reported by Erick Weber on Twitter. Take a look below:

The sheer size and scope of the images on a wall are certainly impressive to behold. The art style’s minimalism and barely-out-of-focus characters are also reminiscent of the famous Heath Ledger Joker “Why So Serious?” poster from 2008’s The Dark Knight, in which the character is in a kind of fog and scrawling his famous catchphrase in blood. This time around, however, Batman’s foe will be Paul Dano’s take on Edward Nashton, AKA The Riddler.

You can check out the images in all their glory, below:

From what we know about the film so far, it looks to be making the next evolutionary step in Christopher Nolan’s realism-steeped take on the character, with a recent synopsis hinting at the movie’s dark, neo-noir themes. That’s a change of pace from Zack Snyder’s reasonably dark and gritty — but somewhat over-the-top — interpretation of the character in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Suffice it to say, we’re not expecting the Dark Knight to don any bat-mech suits, unleash a wave of bullets on bad guys while sporting a duster in the desert (albeit in a dream sequence), or going toe-to-toe with Superman using a kryptonite spear in the upcoming film.

The Batman is set for theaters on March 4, 2022.