Wonder Woman 1984 Just Added A New Cast Member


A new figure has been quietly added to the cast of Wonder Woman 1984, with a recent THR guest column revealing that actor Kristoffer Polaha has a part in Patty Jenkins’ next film.

The actor is best known for his TV work, featuring in episodes of Castle, Mad Men, and Get Shorty, as well as appearing opposite Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth in the 2013 drama Devil’s Knot. With this announcement, we now have one more name to put next to Pedro Pascal, Ravi Patel and Natasha Rothwell on the list of 1984 cast members whose parts are currently unknown.

Speaking of mysterious players in the Wonder Woman sequel, we’re still trying to figure out how Chris Pine’s character managed to return for this film despite supposedly dying several decades prior in the events of the first movie. The actor claimed earlier this month that Jenkins informed him of this development while they were still halfway through filming Diana’s debut, which hopefully indicates that this will be a well-planned twist, rather than a last-minute cheat.

In any case, the fans have plenty of theories on why Steve Trevor’s still around and looking as young as ever, with one rumor from a couple of months ago even potentially answering two questions at once with its claim that he’ll be brought back by a god – most likely Hades – played by Pascal. Of course, this is just one suggestion that the internet has yielded, with another rumor positing that Pascal will instead be playing the villainous Maxwell Lord.

Needless to say, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about who’ll be doing what in this film, but with Wonder Woman 1984 not coming out until June 5th, 2020, we’ll have plenty of time speculate.