Pedro Pascal’s Wonder Woman 1984 Role Reportedly Revealed


One of those surprisingly early promo images for Wonder Woman 1984 gave us our first look at Pedro Pascal’s character in the upcoming sequel for Gal Gadot’s Amazon warrior. It teased that he’d be playing some flashy 80s fat cat (note the Trump-like blonde hair). Though this didn’t give us too much to work with, fans quickly came up with a few characters he could be portraying, including major DC villain Maxwell Lord.

According to a report by Super Bro Movies, that’s indeed who the Kingsman star will be playing in the movie. Following on from their earlier write-up claiming the same thing, SBM says that new info’s confirmed that Pascal’s portraying Lord. Comic book readers will know the character as an often chilling villain with mind-control abilities. But, if the site’s to be believed, this isn’t the direction WW84 will take him in.

“We hear this version of Maxwell Lord is more “hammy” than people would expect and it will be evident they have gone with a more liberal take on the character. One thing that will differentiate him from his comic counterpart is the fact that he won’t have the psychic powers that he sometimes wields in the comics.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Lord’s been loosely adapted on the screen. He was a minor player in the ninth season of Smallville, played by Gil Bellows, and later was one of main villains of Supergirl‘s first season, brought to life by Peter Facinelli. Jay Baruchel was also set to portray him in George Miller’s abandoned Justice League: Mortal. 

11 years after that movie failed to materialize, he’ll finally be getting his shot on the big screen. SBM says that Lord’s ultimate goal will be to make himself into a god, but seeing as the character’s most famous moment in the comics is when Diana Prince snapped his neck, we wonder if Pascal’s villain will be meeting a similar grisly fate at the end of Wonder Woman 1984