New Deadpool 2 Fan Art Imagines What Michael Shannon Will Look Like As Cable


The hunt for an actor to take on the role of Cable in Deadpool 2 is one of the most exciting bits of superhero movie news we’ve had in a while, especially with such a wide array of names being thrown into the mix on a regular basis. The latest actor to have emerged as a frontrunner is Man of Steel star Michael Shannon, and a new piece of fan art imagines what he’d look like all suited up as the time travelling son of Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Based on this, it’s fair to say that Shannon would look pretty great as Cable, though some of the design choices are a little odd. The logos adorning his armour are very peculiar, while the Cyclops keyring is a tad on the nose (though a fun way to pay homage to who the character’s parents are, if Deadpool 2 doesn’t delve into that). The blue and yellow colour scheme is very appealing, however, and should Shannon ultimately land the role, it’ll be interesting to see what design is used in the sequel.

Rumour has it the actor has some competition from Brad Pitt, so this is one casting race that’s becoming harder and harder to predict the outcome of. Given the smashing success of the first film, it’s easy to see why so many stars want to get in on the action, and with production on the sequel getting underway this summer, we’ll hopefully hear something sooner rather than later from the studio as to who will join Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with the Mouth in Deadpool 2.