New Eternals Image Reveals A Great Look At Kingo’s Costume

Eternals Kingo

As is the case with any Marvel Cinematic Universe project, the cast for Chloé Zhao’s Eternals is positively stacked, and the ensemble strikes a similar balance to many of the franchise’s feature film and television lineups.

Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek provide the A-list star power, Game of Thrones veterans Richard Madden and Kit Harington are recognizable names, Gemma Chan and Brian Tyree Henry are steadily rising up the Hollywood ranks, with Lia McHugh providing the unknown element. Perhaps the most interesting addition is Kumail Nanjiani, the everyman comedian who got insanely ripped to play Kingo.

The actor admitted that he wanted to undergo a complete body transformation to present his character as the opposite of what audiences would expect. Nanjiani was tired of South Asian and Middle Eastern actors being presented as “nerds or terrorists” in Hollywood blockbusters, so he jumped at the chance to play a buff Bollywood star who also happens to be a superhero.

A new image from Empire Magazine reveals Kingo in full costume, offering the best look yet at the detail on his superhero suit, which you can check out below.

Nanjiani now has the action hero physique the industry craves to go along with his natural charm and likeability, but we’ll need to wait until Eternals delivers its full-blown musical number before we can pass judgement on his singing and dancing skills.