New Guardians Of The Galaxy Concept Art Shows Off Some Alternate Star-Lord Designs

Before the release of Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, there were only a handful of comic book adventures featuring the cosmic team of superheroes. For that reason, Marvel Studios didn’t have as many titles to turn to for inspiration as some of their other characters, something which must have made the design process pretty challenging for their concept artists.

However, it also means that they were able to come up with some very unique designs which borrowed elements from the source material and mixed them with new ideas. That’s evident from this latest batch of artwork courtesy of Andy Park, as he’s shared some amazing new shots of his early versions of Peter Quill/Star-Lord – which were teased last week.


As you can see, these take a different approach to the helmet, giving it an older look than the technologically advanced version worn by Chris Pratt on the big screen. The costume also incorporates some armour, and it’s clear that Marvel may have had some very different ideas for Guardians of the Galaxy when these images were dreamt up several years ago.

After all, it’s hard to imagine this version of Star-Lord fitting into the aesthetic which director James Gunn brought with him, but regardless, it still would have been very cool to see a version of Guardians of the Galaxy where this type of concept art would have worked. With any luck, Park will share some designs for the other members of the team in the near future. Until that happens though, give us your thoughts on this alternate costume for Star-Lord in the comments section below.