New Netflix Thriller Marks A Major First For The Streaming Service

time to hunt

The overwhelming global popularity of Squid Game has helped put Korean content on the radar of Netflix subscribers everywhere, but the streaming service is taking an altogether different track with its next project that originated in the country.

As per Deadline, the platform is remaking its own Korean-language thriller Time to Hunt in English, marking the very first time Netflix has cannibalized its own back catalogue for inspiration. Adam Randall is already signed to direct, with the filmmaker having recently delivered the popular yet completely uninspiring vampire thriller Night Teeth.

time to hunt

The original premiered at last year’s Berlin Film Festival before being acquired by Netflix for distribution, with the plot following a group of young people who commit various crimes in order to survive in a near-future version of Korea that was crippled by a financial crisis, but they find themselves targeted by a mysterious assassin after plotting a daring heist.

Yoon Sung-hyun helmed Time to Hunt, which only premiered in April of last year, so this could be the first of many international films that find themselves being put through the Netflix wringer and reinvented as English-language efforts. That’s not ideal in terms of creativity, but the all-conquering company desires and craves content above all else.