New Star Wars: Episode IX Leak Alleges That Rey Will Have A Family Reunion


Ah, Star Wars. Every time a new film comes out, movie studios work to keep plot details wrapped up tighter than a virgin priest, fans go to crazy lengths to find things out (like hiring a drone to fly over the set) and leaks of dubious merit dribble out in various media outlets. Now, we’ve got another one about Rey and specifically, her apparent family.

While those who loved or suffered through Star Wars: The Last Jedi may remember the revelation about the parents of Rey and how they proved to be irrelevant to the narrative, a new leak from UK tabloid The Daily Express suggests that a scene with what appears to be her brother and possibly her son is being filmed for Star Wars: Episode IX.

“A description dubbed ‘Family Reunion’ has Rey in a black vest white tunic and grey pants. Next to her is a young adult male that has a striking resemblance to Rey. He has longish brown hair similar to Obi-Wan’s from Attack of the Clones but the hair is all one length. He wears a beige robe with brown gloves. The pants are coloured white with a black belt and dark brown cape. Rey’s hand rests on his shoulder. Behind then is an older man with a ponytail and to the left of Rey is a woman with dirty blonde hair and a white outfit. In front of them all is a young boy with black hair. They all stand on a cliff with a sunset background.”

While it would be nice if the disregards for built up plot points in the last film were corrected with what’s the “final” installment, I honestly don’t believe any tabloid as far as I can throw them. These are the same kind of people who say Darth Vader’s being resurrected for every film and as always, it turns out to be a load of bullshit.

Regardless, we’ll see what happens when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019. The threequel faces the somewhat tricky conundrum of bringing the curtain down on the entire Skywalker Saga, but we’re feeling fairly confident that J.J. Abrams and his team are up to the task. Or at least, we sure hope they are, as the franchise can really use a big win right now.